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About Raven's Mom


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe place for parents and caregivers of LGBTQ+ youth to find support, so they can support their queer youth. To offer resources and advocacy in support of local and national suicide prevention efforts, and to create a more supportive community for our families. Lastly, to provide suicide bereavement support, for those families who have lost a loved one to suicide. 

Through our groups and Zoom meetings, parents can find other parents going through similar situations. Our group Zoom meetings are always free of charge and led by a certified mental health provider or certified Suicide Bereavement Facilitator.

Our resources are from published, peer reviewed, credible sources leading the way in LGBTQ+ suicide prevention, research, culture, and best practices. 

Our groups and community presence online is for all parents regardless of politics, religion, race, gender, financial backgrounds, etc. The things that brings us together is our children, and finding ways to best support them, and our families. Every person can expect to be treated with respect and dignity while seeking support through Raven's Mom.

Our Story

Raven's Mom was created in March 2023 in honor of the memory of Raven LeFors. Raven, who was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and Borderline Personality Disorder, was a trans-questioning, 16 - year old, who died by suicide in September 2022. They were beautiful, smart, witty, loyal, and loved by so many people. They are missed beyond measure.

Raven loved so many people. They cared so much for their friends and family. They wanted to be a YouTuber and play the drums. Raven's story ended too soon.

Raven's Mom is here to support other families like ours. To create a community so full of support for our queer youth that suicide is no longer an option. 

It is now our mission to prevent more families form experiencing a loss this great, and to support those who have. 

Meet the Team

The Raven's Mom team is a small group of volunteers who saw a need in our LGBTQ+ community in North Dakota and have graciously donated countless hours to support our mission. 

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